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03 Nov 2023


DPS MIHAN is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge educational methodologies, exemplified by the recent incorporation of Research-Based Learning (RBL) from Pre-Nursery to Grade II. Rooted in child development research, this pedagogical approach places emphasis on domain-specific, developmentally appropriate content and a diverse range of activities to foster comprehensive learning

Under the engaging theme 'State Trotting,' our preschoolers embark on a captivating journey exploring different states. Each class is assigned a state, and a meticulously planned roadmap guides students, with teachers providing expert guidance. The exploration covers various dimensions, including the state's capital, flag, language, flora and fauna, cuisine, traditional art forms, and more. The integration of topics with important days, such as linking World Food Day with State Cuisines and World Tourism Day with places of tourist importance, adds vibrancy and relevance to the curriculum, making learning enjoyable and engaging.

Simultaneously, in Grades I & II, students delve into the fascinating world of flora and fauna. Beginning with discussions on prior knowledge, students collaboratively create knowledge webs. Their curiosity and interests guide the learning journey, with a roadmap developed based on their inquiries. Students showcase their understanding through innovative projects like block printing, spray painting, mushroom cultivation, and exploring symmetry through butterflies. This hands-on, inquiry-driven approach not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and expression.

DPS Nagpur
DPS Nagpur

The RBL methodology at DPS MIHAN goes beyond conventional learning, providing students with an experiential and realistic approach to education. This approach not only enhances academic proficiency but also nurtures inquisitiveness and critical thinking, fostering a holistic development that prepares students for the challenges of the future.

By: Nikita Galphate
Preschool - Coordinator