DPS MIHAN School Alumni : Class Reunion

We cherish the wonderful memories you hold of your alma mater and understand the deep desire to revisit your school. As educators, we share your enthusiasm in meeting our alumni and witnessing their achievements as they carry forward the values instilled by our institution. The connection with our school remains lifelong, but we also recognize the need to maintain a conducive environment for current students and teachers.

For a harmonious visit, we kindly suggest the following guidelines for school alumni and class reunions:

Consider planning your visit on a non-working Saturday when our teachers have more time to dedicate to you. If your visit falls on a working day, please contact the Public Relations Office (PRO) to arrange permission to meet with the Principal or Headmistress. When visiting on a working day: i. We recommend scheduling your visit during break times. ii. While on the school premises during non-break hours, kindly refrain from entering classrooms.


You are cordially invited to join us for our Annual Day and Annual Fete celebrations. Kindly refrain from using cell phones during school hours, and we request that photographs not be taken with current students.

We eagerly await news of your achievements and accomplishments. Your successes are a source of pride for us, and we look forward to showcasing them on our Alumni Wall as a testament to the enduring bond between our school and its alumni.