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Montreal Protocol @ 35 Earth, our mother, is the one who gives life to all the living beings of the world. Ozone layer protection is very important as it protects our Earth. Mother Earth is for 'us' It is our duty to make our mother happy and cheerful. September 16 is observed as “International Ozone Day” around the globe to increase understanding and awareness of Ozone depletion issues and find possible solutions to preserve it. To mark this day, DPS MIHAN, showcased a short documentary on the importance of ozone and information on the 35th year of implementation of the Montreal Protocol, UN which is observing the Ozone Day with the theme "Montreal Protocol@35" and the worldwide collaboration safeguarding life on earth is the topic for this year's World Ozone Day. The students participated and showed their vocabulary skills by sharing the 'factastics' to their class mates. It is very well said that- “ Earth without Ozone is like house without roof.”

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