Awards & Recognitions

DPS Kamptee Road
Education World India School Grand Jury Rankings for 2023-24

DPS MIHAN - Fostering Excellence in Education and Reading Culture, Leads the Way in Rankings. DPS MIHAN has achieved a commendable recognition in the Education World India School Grand Jury Rankings for 2023-24. It secured an impressive first #1 position under the 'Library and Reading Culture' parameter, highlighting the institution's commitment to fostering a culture of reading and learning. Additionally, in the Education World India School Rankings Awards for Maharashtra, DPS MIHAN secured a notable position, ranking Number #3 in the city. This accomplishment underlines the school's dedication in providing quality education and an enriching environment for its students for their holistic development.

The recognitions reflect the school's continuous efforts in promoting education and encouraging a love for reading and knowledge acquisition. These laurels, that the school has been conferred with are possible due to the passionate and dynamic leadership of Ms. Tulika Kedia, the President and Pro-Vice Chairperson of DPS MIHAN and Kamptee Road, brings her passion for innovative teaching methodologies, fostering an environment of creativity and critical thinking in the school curriculum . Her visionary approach has guided in shaping DPS MIHAN into a hub for nurturing well-rounded individuals. Providing continuous inspiration is Ms. Savita Jaiswal, Director of DPS MIHAN and Kamptee Road, whose mentorship encourages the school to strive for superior outcomes in both academic and personal growth of the students.The school's philosophy of delivering top-notch, well-rounded education has undoubtedly contributed to this significant accomplishment.